Vacant Business Premises Insurance


Insuring empty shops, offices, warehouses...

Empty business premises insurance is available now through QuoteRack's panel of specialist insurance brokers - you can obtain a competitive insurance quote today for your vacant business property.

The availability of insurance for unoccupied commercial property tends to be limited to specialist insurance intermediaries who are experts in insuring vacant business premises. Through QuoteRack, you have access to an insurance intemediary who understands the needs of owners of commercial property to find cost-effective ways of insuring empty commercial premises.

"As commercial property developers and given the current economic situation, we needed buildings insurance cover for our vacant industrial units, shops, offices and other business premises whilst they stand empty and while we find new tenants."

There are several reasons why insuring empty commercial property can be difficult, including the increased likelihood that if damage due to vandalism, flooding or fire does occur, there will be nobody on-site to react promptly. There is also the potentially increased risk of squatters moving in or causing damage to an empty property.

QuoteRack will send your details immediately to our insurance partners and they will contact you for further information about your unoccupied business premises. They have access to specialist underwriting schemes that will enable them to provide you with competitive quotes for vacant business premises insurance.


"We needed insurance cover for a lock-up retail unit that was lying empty for a period, including cover for the glass and in case the shop unit was broken into or vandalised."

"As well as providing a good quote for the empty premises insurance, the brokers also made some recommendations regarding sealing up the letter-box and boarding up the windows in order to minimise the chances of vandalism or squatters."