Ex-Offenders Car Insurance


Car insurance for ex-prisoners, parolees and other criminal convictions

If you are a driver with a criminal record - you may have been found guilty of a criminal offence, perhaps received a custodial sentence, community service or on parole from a prison sentence - you might be refused or declined car insurance cover by some insurance companies unable to offer ex-offenders car insurance at normal terms, if they are prepared to offer a car insurance quote at all. For drivers with non-motoring criminal convictions, you need to know which insurance companies will be willing to offer a quote for your car insurance.

QuoteRack specialises in non-standard and higher risk insurance and we have helped many ex-offenders find insurance cover for their cars, homes, bikes and businesses.

"For parolees trying to insure their cars, declaring a prison sentence as a 'non motoring conviction' significantly reduces the number of insurers willing to offer car insurance quotes."

All is not lost however and we can provide you with access to insurance brokers who understand the situation facing car drivers with criminal convictions and who will handle your enquiry with discretion. Complete the online proposal form and your details will be sent immediately to an insurance broker who will get in touch to discuss your ex offender car insurance quote.


"Car insurance quotes are available to ex offenders, including those with a Police caution or who have been to prison, perhaps released on licence or who are doing community service."

"Available cover includes comprehensive and third party, fire and theft, so whatever your criminal history, your car insurance cover will fit your requirements."