Serious Illness Cover


Insurance protection that covers both critical and less-severe illnesses

It is widely assumed that when considering serious illness insurance, the only serious illness protection option available to most people is critical illness protection, but this is no longer the case. Serious illness cover provides similar levels of protection but for a far wider range of illnesses and medical conditions, as well as using a sliding scale method of calculating your benefit entitlement under the policy.

"The critical difference, literally, is that serious illness cover offers financial protection for over 154 medical conditions, including many less severe and non-life threatening illnesses and disabilities"

If you would like a serious illness insurance quote, QuoteRack will submit your details to a specialist insurance intermediary who understands this market and who will be able to offer you advice on the appropriate level of serious illness cover.


"The amount paid out by serious illness insurance will depend upon the severity of the condition and will take into account its impact upon your lifestyle, too"

"Most critical illness policies cover an average of 34 conditions, whereas serious illness cover can cover up to 154 - that's quite a difference in insurance cover"