High Value Home Insurance


High net worth buildings and contents insurance

If your home is valued at significantly higher than the national average - more than approximately $1,000,000 - and with the likelihood that your home contents cover needs to be increased, your insurance requirements fall into a category known as high net worth home insurance. This type of high value home insurance requires the specialist knowledge and expert care that are provided by QuoteRack's insurance brokers - they understand your need for discretion and confidentiality when it comes to arranging high sums insured buildings and contents insurance.

"Owning a larger, more expensive house means that we also needed a higher amount of household contents insurance to make sure we were fully covered for all our property."

Private clients

Some insurance intermediaries offer a targeted range of insurance products and services to those of their private clients whose requirements for insuring expensive property and related items is very specific and typically of high value.

"Insuring a $1m+ mansion, including cover for the gardens and outbuildings, is not as straightforward as some might imagine. Insurers will want to know precisely what they are insuring and a good quality insurance broker will know how to manage a private client's portfolio of insurance efficiently and with the minimum of fuss.

Arranging insurance for higher value properties

Calculating the rebuilding costs of an expensive country house is one area where you may need professional guidance and your broker will help you with this any many other aspects of insuring high net worth property.


"Property values continue to grow, despite occasional fluctuations. Insuring property at the top end of the market is essential, you can leave nothing to chance"

"The time when only mansions and castles were worth over half a million pounds has gone - house prices in some areas have put many properties into the most expensive bracket"