Private Health Insurance


Private Medical Insurance

You can never afford to take your health for granted and for those seeking private health insurance, QuoteRack offers you access to expert, impartial advisors who understand the private health insurance market. They will discuss your health insurance requirements with you and make a recommendation based on a whole-of-market review, without any cost or obligation.

"Nobody wants to spend time in hospital, but having private health insurance gives you options over where you receive the relevant medical treatment - in either a private hospital or an NHS hospital - and often, the speed at which that treatment can be delivered"

Private medical insurance can cover a wide range of medical conditions and is not necessarily restricted to providing you with the option of having your medical procedures carried out in a private hospital or a private ward in an NHS hospital.

In many cases and depending upon your preferred level of private health cover, your health insurance policy may pay you a lump sum if you require an overnight stay in an NHS hospital


"My doctor referred me to a specialist who in turn proposed carrying out the required medical procedure at the local private hospital. I was fully insured under the policy conditions of my private medical insurance and I was seen very quickly and was soon convalescing at home"

"Private health insurance, as with most insurance policies, is something that you hope you're never going to need. Having PMI cover gives me peace of mind that comes from knowing I am insured for most medical situations"