Flat Insurance


Insuring your purpose built or converted leasehold flat contents

Flat insurance is considered by many flat-owners as being very complex and is often left to the landlord to arrange. In general terms, flat contents insurance can be arranged by anyone living in a flat, whether they are the flat's owner or if they are renting the flat. Typically, it makes little difference whether the property is a purpose built flat or a converted flat - it is the flat's contents you want to insure, rather than the building itself, which is usually insured by the landlord.

"Contents insurance for a flat is a more specialised area than for a conventional house; there are considerations regarding security of the property, as well as possible damage being caused to the flat's contents from an incident occurring in an adjacent flat"

As with any home contents insurance policy, you should assess the value of your flat's contents on a replacement basis if you wish to opt for a new-for-old flat insurance policy. QuoteRack will send your details to insurance brokers who specialise in arranging quotes for flat contents insurance.


"It's a leasehold flat and I'm aware that the block itself and all the common areas are insured separately - I only need to insure the flat contents that belong to me"

"Damage to a flat's contents might not always come from something that the owner or tenant does themselves - very often, damage to the flat's contents can arise from a leak or a fire in the property above or below"