Non-Standard Occupation Van Insurance


Van insurance for high risk occupations

There are many non-standard jobs and high risk occupations for which van insurance can present difficulties. Such non-standard occupations or high risk jobs can often require specialist commercial vehicle insurance underwriting skills that can be sourced from among the ranks of QuoteRack's expert insurance brokers who can offer help with non standard occupation van insurance.

"I own a market stall and have been a market trader for many years. For some reason, insurance companies treat my job as higher than average risk and I pay a higher premium accordingly."

Arranging van insurance with high risk jobs, such as scrap metal dealers van insurance, professional entertainer or disc jockey van insurance normally exclude you from the standard and mainstream insurance company policies for van insurance. QuoteRack will send details of you, your higher risk occupation to a number of specialist insurance brokers who will understand the nature of your occupation and provide you with a non-standard occupation van insurance quotation.

"I am a professional musician and I carry my instruments, amplifier and speakers in my van - it is critically important that my insurance covers the unusual nature of my job."


"I use my van daily as a street trader - my insurance cover costs more but at least I know I have the right level of insurance cover."

"If you are unsure whether you're insured for your job and for the tools you may be carrying, just ask your insurer."