Refrigerated Van Insurance


Insuring a refrigerated van or lorry

Refrigerated lorry insurance is available through QuoteRack from Canada's insurance brokers who have access to specialist underwriting facilities for insuring refrigerated vans and all other types of - whatever your requirements are for insuring vehicles fitted with refrigeration units, you will find expert advice and competitive insurance quotes by completing our simple online form.

"The cost of insuring a refrigerated vehicle will depend on a number of underwriting factors, including the gross vehicle weight of the chilled vehicle; insurance quotes are available for all types of vehicles fitted with refrigeration units"

Insurance for refrigerated vans can be slightly more expensive than insuring a similar van that is not fitted with refrigeration facilities and this is largely because of the repair costs being higher for a vehicles fitted with the insulation and mechanics necessary for refrigerated vehicles.


"In the event of an accident, the potential for damage to stock being carried in a refrigerated truck means that an insurance claim arising from such an incident is likely to be higher for a refrigerated vehicle"

"Arranging insurance for a refrigerated van means finding an insurance broker who is familiar with the unique aspects of insuring these commercial vehicles and who can provide competitive refrigerated van insurance quotes"