Modified Van Insurance


Insuring a van with engine, body and/or wheel modifications

Vans tend to lend themselves to the occasional modification, such as alloy wheels, installing a larger engine or maybe adding van seats and windows. However, before you make any changes to your commercial vehicle it is wise to consider the implications of modified van insurance; it is imperative that you disclose full details of your customised commercial vehicle to your insurance company. If you have found it difficult to find competitive modified van insurance quotes, QuoteRack may be able to help you.

"I customised my van by adding some rear seats and I cut some new windows in to the rear panels. This made a small difference to my van insurance quote but it wasn't a problem."

With most vans these days being fitted with turbo-diesel engines, there is an opportunity for an easy increase in engine power by remapping the engine ECU or having the engine chip reprogrammed. In these situations, QuoteRack will send details of you, your modified van insurance to a number of specialist insurance brokers who will understand the modifications you have made to the vehicle and hopefully provide you with a cheap modified van insurance quote.

"Adding alloy wheels and lowering the suspension made the van look great, along with a lovely paint job. I had to submit an engineers report and some photos, but the quote that I had was worth the effort."


"I needed to modify my van to accommodate my tools and equipment. The insurance company insisted on an upgraded alarm system but the quote they gave me was very competitive."

"My modified van had various modifications made to it before I bought it - comparing insurance quotes for this custom van was straightforward with QuoteRack."