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Insuring your fish and chip shop or takeaway business

As chip shop owners, your chip shop insurance policy needs to provide cover for some potentially risky areas, not least the fire hazard associated with your fish-frying equipment and the potential for injury to your customers; ensuring that your fish and chip shop is fully insured requires the expertise of an insurance broker who specialises in providing quotes for chip shops and similar takeaway insurance policies.

"Insuring a fish and chip shop or takeaway is different from insuring most other types of shop or indeed insuring a restaurant - the additional risks associated with deep fat frying and similar cooking procedures are for many insurers unacceptable and they simply will not offer chip shop insurance quotes at any price"

Fast food takeaway insurance covers a range of different types of businesses. As well as chip shops, specialist insurance cover is also available for Chinese and Indian takeaway shops and restaurants, burger bars and kebab houses.

Chip shop and takeaway owners should be aware that their insurance policies will often stipulate that their frying range and other equipment is properly maintained and serviced, in order to avoid any potential problems in the unfortunate event that they need to make a claim on their fish and chip shop insurance policy.

If you own a chip shop and you are looking to insure it, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.

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You didn't know they had awards for Chip Shops? You do now....


"Any chip shop is a high insurance risk, no matter how well the business is run - the potential for fire and injuries to the public are relatively higher than just about any other kind of shop or takeaway"

"Frying ranges, rotating kebab ovens, hot counters adjacent to the general public - you can see why insuring a fish and chip shop requires expert knowledge. "