Modified Car Insurance


Insuring your modified car

Insuring a modified car can sometimes be a really difficult task, but QuoteRack is here to help you find you great deals on modified car insurance.

"I decided to modify my car by adding some 18" alloy wheels and a body kit. My insurance premium with my existing insurer nearly doubled and it was only through careful online research that I found a more affordable premium for my modified car"

Modifications cover a wide range of changes to your car, anything from changing to a sports air filter, perhaps a modified sports exhaust through to the more subtle replacement engine chip or Bluefin modification.

Typical modifications:

  • Reprogrammed or 'chipped' electronic engine control unit or 'ECU'
  • Larger or wider alloy wheels
  • Upgraded or sports exhaust
  • Lowered suspension
  • Uprated brakes
  • Tinted windows
  • Body modifications - flared wheel arches, spoiler fitted, body kit
  • Specialist paint respray
  • Uprated turbocharger
  • Upgraded lighting

Why is it so difficult to insure a modified car?

Finding an insurer that understands that modifying your car shouldn't greatly increase your insurance premium is tricky. One of the main considerations concerns who did the modifications. If your car has been professionally modified, then you stand a better chance of an insurer giving you a realistic and affordable insurance quote. QuoteRack brokers actually specialise in modified car insurance, so are able to provide you a much more competitive insurance quote because they are car enthusiasts themselves and understand what is required in order to achieve a competitive modified car insurance quote.


"I thought that by adding a big bore exhaust and having the engine chip modified my insurance would increase dramatically. When the quotes started coming back from QuoteRack I was really surprised"

"I just completed the modified car insurance online form and waited for the quotes to come in. Great stuff!"